NTPC, India's largest power company, was set up in 1975 . Present installed capacity is 48093 MW and additional 23234 MW capacity is under construction.To realise the vision of becoming a world class power major, NTPC has plans to become 128000 MW company by 2032.

Recent Milestones Achieved in Ongoing Projects:Kudgi-I Unit: 2 Sync. with Coal - 18/02/2017, Mouda-II Unit: 4 Steam Blowing Compl. - 17/02/2017, Bongaigaon Unit: 2 Sync. with Coal - 13/02/2017, Jodhpur Solar Unit: 1 Full Load - 08/02/2017, Mouda-II Unit: 3 COD - 01/02/2017, Mouda-II Unit: 3 CHP - 31/01/2017, Mouda-II Unit: 3 AHP - 31/01/2017, Unchahar-IV Unit: 6 Boiler Light Up - 26/01/2017,
With commissioning of 500 MW Unit#13 (06.08.2015), NTPCs Vindhyachal STPS becomes the largest thermal power station in India with capacity of 4760 MW, leaving behind Adani-Mundra power station (4620 MW)
Capacity Addition Programme MW
Capacity at end of 11th Plan37103
Capacity added during 2012-134170
Capacity added during 2013-141835
Capacity added during 2014-151290
Capacity added during 2015-162255
Total as on Today48093
Capacity Under Construction23234
Capacity Under Bidding3995
FR Approved16830
Capacity Added During XIIth Plan.MW
Mouda U#1,2 (2X500)1000
Rihand U#5,6 (2X500)1000
Sipat U#3660
Vindhyachal U#11500
Jhajjar U#3500
Dadri Solar PV5
Vallur U#2500
Vindhyachal U#12500
Andaman & Nicobar Solar PV5
Kanti-I U#1110
Barh-II U#4,5 (2X660)1320
Vallur U#3500
Solar PV65
Rajgarh Solar PV U#220
Singrauli Solar PV15
Koldam U#1,2,3,4800
Kanti-II U#3,4 (2X195)390
Bongaigaon U#1250
Vindhyachal-V U#13500
BRBCL- Nabinagar U#1250
Mouda-II U#3660
Anantapur Solar Ph1250
Kudgi U#1800
Total Capacity10925
Capacity Added During XIth Plan.9610 MW
Vallur U#1 (Mar-12)500
Simhadri U#4 (Mar-12)500
Sipat U#2 (Dec-11)660
Jhajjar U#2 (Nov-11)500
Sipat U#1 (Jun-11)660
Simhadri U#3 (Mar-11)500
Farakka U#6 (Mar-11)500
Korba U#7 (Dec-10)500
Jhajjar U#1 (Oct-10)500
Dadri U#6 (Jul-10)490
Dadri U#5 (Jan-10)490
Kahalgaon U#7 (Jul-09)500
Bhilai U#2 (Jul-09)250
Bhilai U#1 (Jan-09)250
Sipat U#5 (Dec-08)500
Kahalgaon U#6 (Dec-08)500
Sipat U#4 (May-08)500
RGPPL Mod-3740
In addition following added to NTPC's capacity
Loharinagpala(4X150 MW) has been discontinued as per GoI directions dated 24.12.10.
To ensure timely completion of its capacity addition programme, Project Monitoring Centre (PMC) has been setup by NTPC to leverage the state of art IT tools like Web, E-mail, Video-Conferencing etc. to overcome the barriers of location and time, by facilitating real-time collaboration among the team members.
Project Monitoring Centre, NTPC Limited
SCOPE Complex , New Delhi
Email : cpmc[at]ntpc[dot]co[dot]in